The MatteoMeter

Will Ferrell selfie
Just chillin

A little bit better, wittier, and more sharply dressed, perhaps, but just like you nevertheless.

And therein exactly lies the strength and genius of the MatteoMeter. It is not an indication of quality. It merely reveals my enthusiasm for stuff, be it advertising, books, movies, or what have you.

Ratings vary between:

"Please gauge out my eyes and/or eardrums"
"I couldn't be less mad at this"

Since you and I are pretty much the same, you'll likely agree with my valuations, and thus employ them in your decision-making progress. Maybe you decide to check out a certain book, or opt to pass on a certain movie. Awesome. Happy I could help.

Eventually, my goal is to harness our likemindedness and use it for evil. Or good. I haven't decided yet.

In the meantime, be sure to sniff around and shoot me a comment if my rating helped you.

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