Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Waddle & Silvy Show regular Sarah Spain has been one of my fave sports personalities  for the longest time. When I saw a still of her on Pro Sports Daily's Redzone Headlines, I couldn't way to find out what she was up to now.

Apparently Spain got involved with the #MoreThanMean campaign. It featured her and fellow anchor/columnist Julie DiCaro being read tweets about them. The campaign brings in several men, expecting to do a Jimmy Kimmel-like 'Mean Tweets' segment, to read disturbing tweets aimed personally at the Chicago-based reporters. 

Sports fans are known to overreact when it comes to their favorite players or teams, but apparently when it comes to female sportswriters they reach a whole other level of digusting.

The used tweets are pulled directly from Spain's and DiCaro's mentions and are not edited. I can't believe they receive this filth on a daily basis. You can tell how uncomfortable the guys quickly become. You can only imagine how Spain and DiCaro feel.

The campaign is very powerful in that it demonstrates how jaw-droppingly sick and twisted people get when they're safely cloaked in anonimity. Hopefully this video will cause social media users  to think twice before sending hurtful messages. 

You wouldn't say these things to your daughters, wives and mothers.

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