Friday, January 29, 2016

"Never doubt the true threat's not the monster, but the man"

The Dinosaur Lords

In my ongoing hunt for non-fiction dinosaur books, I one day stumbled upon The Dinosaur Lords (2015) by American writer Victor Milán. After Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World and Robert T. Bakker's Raptor Red, Dinosaur Lords really stood out, particularly because it came lauded by George R.R. Martin, who called the book "a cross between Jurassic Park and A Game of Thrones." Well say no more! You can read the wonderful little story of how the quote came about here. As a die-hard Jurassic Park fan and a staunch lover of all things Westeros, I couldn't wait to get into this book, which is why I made it my first read of the year. Thanks Mom for getting it for me!

The skinny

Paradise is a world made by the Eight Creators. It mirrors 14th century Europe in that it has dynastic rivalries, religious wars and byzantine politics. And, of course, there are dinosaurs. The live among the men and women, dogs, cats, ferrets, goats, and horses, serving as wildlife, monsters, beasts of burden and of war. During an epic battle between opposing armies, mercenary Dinosaur Lord Karyl Bogomirsky is defeated through betrayal and left for dead. 

The review

While writing this review I learned that The Dinosaur Lords is actually the first part of an overarching two-trilogy, six-book series. The Dinosaur Knights, the second book of the first trilogy, called "The Ballad of Karyl's Last Ride", is slated for a July 5, 2016 release.

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