Sunday, November 29, 2015

The five coolest vehicles in the Jurassic Park franchise

Jurassic Park vehicles
Lark on my go kart
The Jurassic Park franchise is perhaps the greatest and most awesome movie franchise e-ver. And not just because Steven Spielberg and his crew made dinosaurs real again. The movies feature plenty of iconic moments and sequences, all of which combined make JP an almost religious experience for casual moviegoers and aficionados alike. 

One of the elements that makes the Jurassic movies so appealing, at least in my book, is the awesome vehicles. I can't even count how many times I rode my go kart (pictured above) through our street and a the patch of woods nearby, pretending to be a real-life dinosaur hunter. I even fashioned a tow hook out of a coat hanger, just in case I had to pull some trailer back up over some cliff.

Needless to say, I was the opposite of a cool kid.

Here are my top vehicles from the Jurassic Park franchise:

5. Chris Pratt's motorcycle

Okay, I hear you. Pratt's Triump Scrambler is a basic softroader and probably not the most appropriate jungle vehicle, but God damn, it is cool. No matter how awesome you are, you will never be as awesome as Owen Grady racing through the jungle along his raptor pack.

4. The utility jeeps

The 1992 Jeep Wrangler Sahara played an important part in Jurassic Park. Apart from picking up John Hammond and his guests at the helipad, it was featured in two iconic scenes. It is from the Wrangler that Alan Grant & Co. see the impressive brachiosaurus, the first fully glimpsed dinosaur in the movie, with Muldoon, Ellie and Malcolm later in the movie escaping the T-Rex in one.

3. The mobile lab

The Fleetwood RV mobile lab or "Challenger trailer", a customized 1996-1997 Fleetwood Soutwhind Storm, was used in The Lost World by the InGen gatherers to study and examine dinosaurs. In the movie the RV was designed by engineer Eddie Carr, who died one of the more gruesome deaths in Jurassic Park history, and served as an important part in the movie's most thrilling scene - when the parent T-Rexes send Ian, Sarah and Nick dangling over the cliff.

2. The hunter vehicles

In The Lost World, the InGen hunters drive around Isla Sorna in three pimped-out variants of Jurassic Park's Jeep Wrangler. The coolest variant, at least in my book, is the hunter vehicle Dieter and Carter drive. Fitted with and extendable outrigger, their awesome vehicle is perfect for dinosaur hunting and capturing. So cool!

1. The tour vehicles

Nothing will ever beat the original tour vehicles. Those were legit. The 1992 Ford Explorer XLTs ran on an electric track and were outfitted with an interactive CD-rom (score!), night-vision goggles, road flares and flashlights for extra awesomeness. Aside from Lex, Tim and the Rex, the Ford Explorers are the absolute stars of the No. 2 most thrilling scene in the movie.

No. 1 is, of course, the unforgettable kitchen scene.

Happy hunting!


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