Monday, May 4, 2015

"Bring benefit to your customers first. Then benefits will naturally flow to you."

Get content, get customers by Joe Pulizzi
Thought leadership.
Yesterday I read Get Content, Get Customers (2009) by Joe Pulizzi and Newt Barrett. I found it in the Queromedia library, which I must admit has been really good to me:

Pulizzi's name immediately drew my attention.

I first came across Pulizzi via the TopRank blog, which regularly features his expert insights, after which I discovered his his own blog at Content Marketing Institute, which he founded. If you're serious about content marketing, the CMI's website is an invaluable source of information and examples.

The skinny

Loud advertising and overly-branded marketing messages are a thing of the past. In the digital age, these methods are considered "annoying" and "noisy", which is why people do their very best do avoid them. What they are seeking is compelling content that makes them more knowledgeable and aids their decision-making process. Content marketing does just that. Of course, you need an effective strategy to make your content marketing efforts work.

The review

Get Content, Get Customers is a must-read for marketers and entrepreneurs. The book contains plenty of expert tips on how to do content marketing right. Content is often mistaken for "filler", but that is hardly the case. Armed with the B.E.S.T Mehod and a sound content strategy, you can inform people and turn them into customers. With many detailed cases accompanied by insightful content marketing takeways, Pulizzi and Barrett give you everything you need to know to get started and be succesful.

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