Monday, April 27, 2015

Tough as nails

Boston Celtics 2015

The season is over.

It only took four (hard-fought) games for LeBron's Cavaliers to eliminate the 40-42 Boston Celtics from the Playoffs.

Which sucks, even though it's a small miracle that they reached the postseason in the first place.

With the in-season trades of point guard Rajon Rondo (whose tenure with the Mavericks is all but over) and Jeff Green (who is averaging 9.7 PPG for the 3-0 Grizzlies), pint-sized warrior Isaiah Thomas became the team's go-to guy. 

The rest of the team?

Rookie Marcus Smart as starting point guard.

The 6-foot-1 Avery Bradley at shooting guard.

Utility man Evan Turner at the 3.

Veteran hard-hatter Brandon Bass at power forward.

Former Cavaliers backup Tyler Zeller in the post.

Add a bench of Thomas, trade throw-in Jae Crowder (who I must admit has been a revelation for the C's), Jonas Jerebko, and young big-man duo Jelly Sullynyk, Boston lacks the sort of starpower that can overthrow a team of James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love.

But, by God, they tried.

The team's run under Brad Stevens isn't quite what GM Danny Ainge must have had in mind, but it does show that the Celtics never stop fighting, even without the odds on their side.

Would I have hated missing the Playoffs for a shot at a higher pick? 

Not really. Not this year.

But with a bevy of picks and assets, more financial flexbillity than we had in years, and Gerald Wallace's mammoth contract going into its last year, there's still plenty to be excited about.

I gladly take the team's display of grit, toughness and heart. It might help us land a free agent.


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