Tuesday, March 31, 2015

There's a Tidal storm coming

Jay-Z launches Tidal
Jay-Z is a smart business man.

His many business ventures and innovative marketing partnerships are awe-inspiring, and his latest undertaking - artist-owned music platform Tidal - is yet another brilliant chess move.

Originally launched by Aspiro in 2014 and bought by Jay-Z for $56 million earlier this year, Tidal is a music streaming service offering high-fidelity audio. Its $19.9 monthly subscription is double that of rival Spotify, but for that you get access to over 25 million ad-free, high quality tracks.

The higher rate allows artists to actually profit from their art.

"Right now they're writing the story for us," Hov said of the music industry at Tidal's New York launch event. "We need to write the story for ourselves."

Of course Jay-Z wouldn't be Jay-Z if he didn't drum up a huge buzz for his new service.

That's why the hip hop icon recruited his wife BeyoncéKanye West, All-American girl Madonna, Nicki Minaj, Coldplay's Chris Martin, Deadmau5, Daft Punk and Jack White, among others, to promote Tidal.

Leading up to the press conference, all of these artists turned their Twitter profiles cyan blue (the color of the company logo) to help turn the tide and make music history. The #TIDEforALL campaign certainly didn't miss its mark, drawing quite a bit of media attention.

Jay-Z launches Tidal 2015
Bring 'em out
Will Tidal artists pull their music from other streaming services? Do they all have an equal share?

Only time will tell, but you have to applaud Jay-Z for trying something of this magnitude.

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