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Insurgent 2015
Beyond the wall
Last night I was invited by my Disney-bound brother Marlon, my Twitter sensation sister Margot and talented actress Steffi to watch Insurgent, the sequel to last year's YA hit Divergent. Of course I wasn't saying no to a fun night out and a chance to see rising star Shailene Woodley in action. Sure, Divergent wasn't no The Fault in Our Stars, and it certainly plays dystopian second fiddle to the Hunger Games movies, but the franchise does  still have its merits. Add my boo Miles Teller to the mix, and you get why I was all in.

Let's go

The skinny

Insurgent pick up right where Divergent left off. Tris (Woodley), Four (the hunky Theo James), Caleb (TFiOS actor Ansel Elgort) and Peter (Teller) are now fugitives, running from power-hungry Erudite boss Jeanine (a wonderfully villainy Kate Winslet). As they search for allies and answers, there will be choices to be made, loved ones to be protected, and impossible challenges to be faced. And what is this mysterious box all about?

The review

Just like other YA-dystopian middle childs, Insurgent does a great job at setting up the (first part) of the final installment, particularly in the last half hour or so of the movie. Other than that, German director Robert Schwentke (best known for action comedy Red) pretty much only serves up action sequences, sim upon sim up on sim, and a bunch of self-loathing and moping by heroine Tris. Sure, the cast is impressive, with Woodley shouldering the load, Teller making the most of his time on the screen, and newcomer Naomi Watts great as always, but that's no excuses for dragging this frustrate-fest on for a whopping 119 minutes.

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