Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The what and how of Ad Customizers

AdWords Ad Customizers
Automatic, so dramatic
For the last month or so I have been messing around with Ad Customizers at Queromedia. They have been around since late last year, but unfortunately they weren't yet available in Belgium.

I was instantly drawn to this new AdWords tool because it allows advertisers to update and optimize ads at a large scale. Ad Customizers basically lets you customize creates by way of multiple parameter options.

They're actually quote similar to Dynamic Keyword Insertion, but more powerful and scalable.

DKI, as you probably know, works a little something like this:

Dynamic Keyword Insertion - AdWords

This particular advertiser sells chocolate bars, lollypops and brown bread. Instead of creating several or ad groups for his product range and writing a whole slew of ads, he has decided to put all of his keywords in one ad group. Thanks to Dynamic Keyword Insertion, he can dynamically generate ads that match the user's search query. 

The "master" ad in this ad groups looks like this:

{KeyWord:Chocolate Bars}
We sell {KeyWord:Chocolate Bars}!
Free Shipping On All Orders Today.{KeyWord:ChocolateBars}

As you could probably guess, DKI is an easy and managable alternative to creating hundreds of highly specific ads.

What Ad Customizers do

Ad customizers are basically parameters between {braces} that get replaced by dynamic text when you ad is trigger by a user's search. You have to of course provide the text by uploading a data set to AdWords. For example, the custimizer {=Products.ProductType} references a data set/spreadsheet named "Products", and one of its attributes, named "ProductType".

What's particularly neat is that customizer data can be anything you like (product models, product capacities, types, prices, you name it) and that you can use them across campaigns and ad groups.

How to set up Ad Customizers

Setting up Ad Customizers is relatively easy, although there definitely were some pitfalls to get through. Shout out to Google support for putting up with my many phone calls and questions.

Here's what you have to do:

1. Download the Ad Customizer data template.
2. Define your custom attributes (add or remove columns if necessary).
3. Make sure all your attributes specifiy an attribute type.

Ad customizers - attribute types

4. Define your targeting (keyword, ad group, campaign). If you target by keyword, I suggest defining separate attributes for keywords and their match types. I tried many different ways, but this is the only one that works for me.
5. Upload your data to AdWords (Shared Library > Business Data > +Data).
6. Create at least one Ad Customizer ad in every ad group. Google suggests also having at least one regular ad at all times.
7. That's all, folks.

- From the trenches of online marketing

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