Sunday, February 1, 2015

Our house...

awesome race car bed
I do my part
We're taking the leap!

In March me and my semi-serious girlfriend Sarah will officially be living together.

We won't be owners mind you, but after 6.5 years of separate togetherness, renting a place is a great first step.

Tips for renting an apartment

Our rental agreement was signed on Wednesday, giving us roughly 30 days to get our shxt together, get everything in order, and hit the ground running on March 1.

In just one weekend we've made great strides. We've bought a bedroom set, a couch, dining room furniture, and four comfortable chairs. We also checked off a washer, a dryer, and a refrigerator. Sweeeet.

Our warpath looked something like this:

furniture shopping for the apartment

I must admit that I was a tiny bit nervous about how our shopping trip would unfold, but I guess this is normal. It's not every day you make it rain on them ho's like Fat Joe, and of course there's the added difficulty of finding middle ground and agreeing on things.

It also doesn't help that every comedian ever has done a "Couples at IKEA" routine, feeding the cliche that there's nothing fun about the experience.

Fun and games, but ultimately untrue.

For all you young couples out there going furniture shopping, these are my golden tips:

Agree on a style in advance

For the past year or so, we've both been pinning interiors and elements we like, which helped us get a feel for what the other one likes. Over time we really had a feel for what we would be going for, allowing us to eliminate 90% of what stores had to offer.

Decide on necessities and extras

It's so easy for the little things to get you sidetracked. Define beforehand what you're looking for in a store, do that first, and circle back to other stuff later. When you're in a time crunch, let the extras be and move on. There's still plenty of time afterwards.

Plan your route

This is where Sarah really worked her magic. We both had some stores we really wanted to go, so we threw them all in a pile, determined what we wanted from each store, and mapped out our route. No unnecessary kilometers and no aimless driving equals no stress.

*drops mic*

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