Monday, January 5, 2015

It's a plague, everybody loves it

Plague new app
Up or down?
Kudos to my brother Marlon for introducing to Plague, a social networking app that allows users to determine whether content is of quality or not.

Instead of seeing what's popular or trending, Plague posts are designed to spread like a virus. When a user submits a quote, picture or video, the app sends that post to the four Plague users closest to that person. These people can either pass it along to four more users (by striking up) or stop the post from spreading (by striking down).

What I like about Plague is that information only spreads as wide as it deserves to be spread. Sure, there's a lot of "Swipe up for X, swipe down for Y" going on right now, and I have come across quite a few existing memes and videos, but that's just because the app is new and there's a learning curve. Just like there was with Twitter.

I also like that there's no friending or following (and thus no accounts skewing the popularity of content) and that the app is clean and clutter-free.

The addictive idea-sharing app definitely has some room for improvement, though, particularly pertainining to card stats and user experience. Knowing where you card stopped, for example, would be a useful expansion, as would "time of interaction'. Also when you close Plague and open it again, you should be abel to pick up right where you left off, instead of seeing all new cards.

All in all, I think this 'Tinder for content' has a lot of potential and I'm very curious to see how it changes in the future.

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