Friday, January 16, 2015

The Stopover Celtics

Boston Celtics - Tayshaun Prince - Nate Robinson - Austin Rivers
When mad genius Danny Ainge rebuilds, he does is thoroughly.

After dealing All-Star point guard Rajon Rondo to the Mavericks and Jeff Green to the Grizzlies, he is now swinging smaller trades that net even more expirings, draft picks and trade exceptions. 

It's a thing of beauty to watch him gather assets on assets on assets, further sparking the belief that the Celtics won't be in rebuilding mode for long.

Let's assess, shall we?

  • Brandan Wright, who came to Boston in the Rajon Rondo trade, was quickly shipped to Phoenix for a first-round pick in 2015.
  • Ainge then swapped former Orlando point guard Jameer Nelson for Nuggets sparkplug Nate Robinson, immediately buying out the remainder of his contract. He might be headed to Cleveland.
  • Veteran forward Tayshaun Prince, acquired from Memphis in the three-team Jeff Green deal, doesn't appear to be in the team's plans, with a buyout to be finalized soon.
  • Austin Rivers, acquired from New Orleans in the same trade, is headed to the Los Angeles Clippers in another three-team deal that brings back Chris Douglas-Roberts (Clippers), Shavlik Randolph (Suns), a 2017 second-round pick (Clippers) and a $2.4 million trade exception. Both Douglas-Roberts and Randolph are on expiring deals.

If that's too much to process, here's how the Rondo and Green trades pan out:

  1. Rondo was flipped into Jae Crowder, Nate Robinson's $2.1 million expiring contract, two first-rounders in 2015, a second-rounder in 2016, a $12.9 million trade exception, and a $5 million trade exception.
  2. Green was flipped into a second-rounder in 2017, a first-rounder in 2018, $9,85 million worth of expiring contracts (Tayshaun Prince, Chris Douglas-Roberts and Shavlik Randolph), and a $2.4 million trade exception.

It's so beautiful

If Ainge can work his magic and fetch some assets for Brandon Bass and Marcus Thornton, I would be so happy.

In Danny we trust.

Update: Chris Douglas-Roberts was waived on Jan. 18.

Update 2: Tayshaun Prince and Shavlik Randolph both practiced with the team on Jan. 18.

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