Sunday, December 7, 2014

Two Night Stand

Two Night Stand by Max Nichols
After sex.
Nothing on TV.

Two cinema tickets laying around. (Thanks, KBC!)

Some serious need for quality time with my boo.

That's all it took for me and Sarah to decide to check out Entertainment One's romantic comedy Two Night Stand. With rising star Miles Teller and Crazy, Stupid Love actress Analeigh Tipton in it, and a trailer that revealed a sweet and simple storyline, there wasn't much that debut director Max Nichols could have done wrong.

The skinny

Megan (Tipton) is an unemployed and single New Yorker. When she meets her ex at a club, she decides to join a dating website in search of a one night stand. She finds Alex (Teller) who, in the morning after, didn't turn out to be a perfect match. Unable to leave his cramped Brooklyn apartment because of a blizzard, they are forced to spend more time together and get to know each other better. They end up telling each other what the other one did wrong the previous night, which obviously results in another try. When afterwards Megan discovers a closet full of women's clothes, she leaves.

Two Night Stand review

The review

If you're looking for a harmless romcom about sex and relationships in the digital age, Two Night Stand is right up your alley. Miles Teller is visibly at ease, Analeight Tipton is great in her first lead role, and even the gorgeous Jessica Szohr and Pursuit of Happiness singer Kid Cudi were pleasant in their guest appearances. Two Night Stand is a standard romantic comedy with a pretty conventional plot, but it's also charming and perceptive, making for an enjoyable 86-minute overall experience.

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