Friday, December 26, 2014

Today commentary is the content

South Park s18e10 #HappyHolograms

People either love South Park or hate it.

I fall into the first category.

With the shock humor show having just finished its 18th season, it seems that creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are at the top of their games, delivering 10 topical and fresh episodes with with an ingenious seasonal arc.

This season's next-to-last episode, dare I say, might even replace You're Getting Old (S15E07) as my all-time favorite.

Why, you ask?

With Randy/Lorde's manager about replace him with a Lorde hologram, Randy exlaims:

You can't just replace artists with holograms. Who will create the content?

To which his manager responds:

Today commentary is the content.

And there you have it. In just two lines of dialogue South Park unmasked the elephant in the room: with everyone and their grandmother spewing online comments about entertainment and media, face-to-face interactions and experiencing content are slowly disappearing.

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