Monday, December 22, 2014

"A meeting room as a reference is deadly"

Guillaume Van der Stighelen - How To Turn Your Brand Into A Hero
Welcome to the collective memory.
First and foremost, thanks to my former colleague Liselotte for lending me this book. The best of luck at Kunstmaan, guurl!

Just in case you've been living under a rock: retired ad man Guillaume Van der Stighelen is the co-founder of Duval Guillaume, a small global advertising agency where the Cannes Lions festival stores all its awards. Now the Antwerpian writes opinion pieces and books, sings evergreens with his Grungblavers bands, and occasionally appears on TV quizzes.

When How To Turn Your Brand Into a Hero (2009)  fell in my lap, I of course blazed through it like it was some kind of race. Van der Stighelen might not be in the ad business anymore, but it's a public secret that he knows a thing or two about branding and ad campaigns.

The skinny

In the beginning of the book Van der Stighelen posits that brands are "made" by the people. Marketers and ad men, however, can substantially help a brand become inducted into the collective memory. There's your story of origin, your Know Why, your brand name, your copy and, of course, the sensory aspects of your brand or product.  How To Turn Your Brand Into A Hero tackles, from A to Z, how to use various techniques to make your brand stand out in the noise, of course accompanied by tons of examples from Van der Stighelen's days in advertising.

The review

If you're looking for a sharp and insighful book about brand building, look no further! The Game, Name, Fame, Claim concept, in particular, is fun to try out and incorporate into your arsenal, and there are plenty more techniques and witty turns of phrases for advertising enthusiasts to drool over. The book's final chapter, which dealt with online marketing, underlines the importance of digital storytelling and earning attention. Keeping readers pleasantly busy is the key, not hardselling. Words to keep in mind in the digital era!

By the way, congrats to choco copywriter Kris Dieltiens for notching a mention for his Bier van hoge goesting baseline.

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