Wednesday, December 17, 2014

On top of my Game of Thrones

Game Of Thrones - Season 5
Oh my GOT!!!
I'm not a "series" person, but when I find something I like, I become a fiend.

It happened with Vince Gilligan's highly addictive drug-dealer drama Breaking Bad, which was like crack scrapbooking to me. When that show ended, I thought my life would never make sense again.

And then there was George R.R. Martin's Game of Thrones.

My Lord.

I had withstood the lure of tits and wine for a long time, but when I finally gave in, I was hooked like Dustin Hoffman circa 1991 within the first seven minutes of the first episode. A firm co-watching agreement with my girlfriend Sarah prevented me from watching all four available seasons in one glorious week, which mightn't have been a bad thing per se (it's so much more rewarding to spread a gem like this over a longer period of time), but, alas, eventually all good things come to an end.

Fortunately we still have seasons 5 and 6 to look forward to!

But we'll cross that Stone Bridge when we get there. 

Game of Thrones reference

In the meantime, here's why I became a fan:

1. Celebrity crushes everywhere!

Sure, I easily develop crushes on celebrities, but it's almost like the Game of Thrones casters are doing it on purpose. I mean, come on! Natalie Dormer AND Sophie Turner AND Rose Leslie AND Emilia Clarke? It's almost not fair for us weak-fleshed men.

Game of Thrones cast
Aww Yiss
And it's not just that the female leads are pretty to look at. In my opinion they're the strongest and most developed characters. How could you not like the pesky and resourceful Arya Stark? Or the powerful and loyal Brienne of Tarth? Need I even mention strong-willed vamps Daenerys Targaryen and Cersei Lannister? Your loss if you're only watching because of bewbs.

2. Such wow, much storylines

In terms of "creating a world", Game of Thrones takes it to a whole new level. In my opinion, Martin's Westeros rivals Tolkien's Middle-earth. Inhabit that world with a bunch of 'at all costs', power-hungry houses vying for the Iron Throne, the result is hidden agendas, backstabbing, dynastic intrigue, spy wars, conniving politicians, treachery, power politics and, of course, sex. Now top it all off with dragons and an impending generation-long winter. Watching all the stories masterfully come together is a thing of beauty.

3. I did NOT see that coming

I love that Game of Thrones pushes the envelope with regard to killing off characters. Granted, I did not read the books, so everything is a surprise to me, but I find it utterly refreshing how not a single lead actor is holy. Literally everyone can die, so don't think for a second that your favorite character is safe. Talk about having to keep on your toes!

4. I'm rooting for you, and you, and you

What I find particulary interesting about Game of Thrones is how few black and white characters there are. As heroes become villains and victims become killers, you'll be confused about which characters to root for, rethinking everything you thought you knew about "good" and "evil". Apart from the character of Joffrey, whom I liked simply because I'm a sick puppy, I found myself really on the fence about Jaime Lannister and Theon Greyjoy. They're not likable people, but still I rooted for them.

Let the next season commence!

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