Thursday, December 4, 2014

How to engage with comments on Facebook ads

Facebook advertising comments
Sneaky Facebook is sneaky
I'm relatively new to social media marketing, and there's still plenty of it left to unravel, but in the trenches at Queromedia you tend to pick up a thing or two.

Lately I've been setting up a lot of Facebook ad campaigns, the general gist of it pretty intuitive, but I only recently figured out how to respond to and engage with comments on ads.

The page notifications gave me nothing. So did the settings for the ad itself.

All it showed me was that I had received comments, but not what they were or how I could respond to them.

Turns out this is how you do it:
  1. Go to Power Editor.
  2. Select the folder your ad is in under 'Filter by campaign' in the left hand corner.
  3. Click on the ad you want to see the comments for.
  4. Click on 'Post permalink' in the section 'Open this advert'.
  5. You are now taken to the permanent URL for your ad.
I hope this helps!

- From the trenches of online marketing

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