Saturday, November 15, 2014

Do you want to ride an elephant?
"Does my perkiness offend you?"
Then you are probably unaware of the brutal abuse that goes on behind the scenes.

BBH London came up with a great campaign to both educate and engage unsuspecting tourists, inspiring them to be part of the solution and end animal suffering in the name of entertainment.

The award-winning agency very cleverly employed Google Search to scoop up tourists looking for animal attractions in general and elephant rides in particular. Interested tourists who clicked their ads arrived at, a tour site that appeared to offer just what they were looking for.

The following short film awaits them there:

At first sight the film appears to be a run-of-the-mill marketing video. Until the perky presenter sheds starts explaining in detail that elephant rides are only possible by torturing these majestic animals into submission. Her casual and cheerful disposition contrasts starkly with the horrors of her message. 

After watching the film, the call-to-action "Let tourists know the truth before they book" appears, after which viewers are directed to microsite The World Animal Protection site offers more information on animal friendly tourism, encourages visitors to share their film, and allows donations to keep the campaign going and educate other tourists before they book.

The self-sustaining campaign is further supportedwith paid seeding, YouTube pre rolls, social media activity and PR.

Matteo Van Mol - advertising