Thursday, November 13, 2014

21 & Over

21 & Over
"My shit is bananas, girl"
Last week I watched 21 & Over (2013) by The Hangover screewriters Scott Moore and John Lucas. I remember seeing the teaser trailer for the college comedy on and being only vaguely amused, so I had not sought it out, even though I am, like, the biggest Miles Teller fangirl. E-ver. The movie struck me as an uninspired crossover between The Hangover (drunk protaganists tracing back their steps) and Project X (young people drinking and partying in outrageous manners), which made me OK with not checking it out. My knucklehead friends somehow managed to convince me otherwise.

The skinny

Uh-oh, bad timing! College student Jeff Chang (Justin Chon) has a very important 8AM medical school interview the morning after his 21st birthday. Jeff's very strict doctor father (stereotype alert) wants his son to be rested and prepared, but all that of course goes out the window when Casey (Skylar Austin) and Miller (Teller) - Jeff's two best friends from high school - show up. One beer quickly becomes many beers, and many beers become urinating on people, pissing off resident tough guy Randy (Jonathan Keltz), having a teddy bear super glued to your penis, stealing golf carts, and, of course, being pursued by an angry Latina sorority. The every day stuff, basically.

The review

It's not that there's anything wrong with a good teen party comedy, it's just that 21 & Over is too formulaic, unfunny and bland to be labelled as anything more than fastfood cinema. Sure, the trio Chon-Austin-Teller has great chemistry and is enjoyable to watch, and I guess the "Even best friends change" layer was sort of interesting, even if it wears a little thin over 93 minutes. Other than that, directors Moore and Lucas gave themselves very little to work with, apparently having used up all of their ideas on The Hangover. If you had a beverage or two, you might enjoy the boozy tales of Chang & Co., but I strongly suggest steering clear of this slow motion vomit fest if you are sober or of intelligence.

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