Monday, September 15, 2014

"If it's not going to put a dent in the world, quit"

Failure's an option
I recently read The Dip (2007) by marketing guru Seth Godin. I'm a daily reader of his wonderful blog and I had also checked out Purple Cow and Small is the New Big - all three of which are fantastic reads - so when I found this book about "when to quit and when to stick" in the Queromedia library, I knew I had to bring it home with me.

Since #TheDip is a compact read of only 86 pages long, I expected it to be chock-full of clever insights and useful tips. Unfortunately, while the book did contain some sharp oneliners, it was notably void of big ideas and striking thoughts. In The Dip, Godin basically voices in many different ways the same concept over and over again. 

"Quit the right stuff at the right time."

It's great advice, but that thought by itself didn't necessitate an 86-page framework. Don't get me wrong, The Dip is still a fun Godin book, but I suggest reading his other, more full stuff first.

What I did really like, however, were the book's accompanying cartoons by Hugh MacLeod. He's the guy behind, a website offering motivational cartoon art. I highly recommend signing up for his daily cartoon, it's very much worth it!

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