Sunday, September 14, 2014

If I Stay

If I Stay by R.J. Cutler
"You're my home now"
Last night I watched If I Stay, the movie adaptation of Gayle Forman's bestselling YA novel from 2009. The book has been on my to-read list since forever, but I have yet to get to it. The Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer production wasn't really on my radar, except for the constant social media push provided by insanely talented Kick-Ass and Carrie actress Chloë Grace Moretz, who totally reminds me of my goofy Swiss cousin Elisa. Or nah? Anyway, I'm a huge Moretz fan and I was very curious how she would fare in a drama film.

With the radio announcing a snow day, travel agent Kat (Mireille Enos) decides to call in sick and spend the day with her teacher husband Denny (Joshua Leonard), her 17-year-old daughter Mia (Moretz) and her 7-year old son Teddy (Jakob Davies). On their way to visit Mia's grandparents, who live on a farm, their car collides with an oncoming truck, resulting in a horrible accident. Mia then has an out-of-body experience, seeing her body lay on the road while paramedics are trying to help her and her family. As she fights for her life, her story is told via flash-backs, with up-and-coming rock star Adam (Jaimie Blackley) as a central figure.

It's clear to me now. Hollywood feeds on our tears and broken hearts.

I mean, come on, first The Fault in Our Stars and now If I Stay?

Totally not cool!

Don't get me wrong, If I Stay is not quite on the level of #TFiOS, but it will certainly sollicit some sniffs from moviegoers, even if its 106-duration be a bit drawn-out. The feature film debut of documentarian R.J. Cutler is basically a sappy teen romance, but with the supernatural angle and strong underlying message added on, #IfIStay is not the so maniest superficial mail-in teen melodrama. Oh, and did I mention that Chloë Grace Moretz turns in an excellent performance? She keeps getting better with every movie she does and is well on her way to becoming a star.

Go watch this if you're looking for a great tearjerker.

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