Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Bad Neighbours

Bad Neighbours by Nicholas Stoller
On Sunday night I watched Bad Neighbours. It was raining outside, I enjoy the works of Seth Rogen and Zac Efron, and I craved some laughs. I was pretty confident that this Universal Studios comedy would do just the trick. Especially with director Nicholas Stoller at the helm. You might remember him from such films as Get Him To The Greek (2010) and Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008).

Mac (Rogen) and Kelly (Bridesmaids and The Internship actress Rose Byrne) have recently moved into their new house with their newborn baby girl. Trivial married people troubles aside - being constantly tired, having to plan for sex, and settling into their role as parents - they lead a pretty good life. Until Delta Psi Beta, a wild fraternity known for crazy parties, moves into the house next to them. And as you might have guessed, fraternity leaders Teddy (Efron) and Pete (James Franco's younger brother Dave Franco), don't intend to keep down the noise.

Of course, a prank war ensues. 

Back-and-forth comedies are nothing new, and even though Bad Neighbours brings nothing new to the table, it delivers what it advertises: 97 minutes of improv-infused entertainment. Sure, the jokes are juvenile and the plot meanders toward nothing surprising, but Rogen, Efron, Franco and Byrne all bring it, and Lisa Kudrow and Superbad star Christopher Mintz-Plasse are funny in their supporting roles. Want to have few laughs without having to invest? Then go watch this movie!

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