Saturday, August 30, 2014

Littering says a lot about you

Littering says a lot about you campaign
Littering is a dumb and lazy thing to do.

There are trash cans everywhere. And if by exception there aren't any, why wouldn't you hold on to your litter for a moment? Simply and selfishly throwing your gum or garbage on the ground is completely incomprehensible to me.

Apparently, trash and pollution has really gotten out of hand in Toronto.

That's why Live Green Toronto released a series of anti-littering ads to raise awareness and incite change.

Live Green Toronto campaign - Dumb
The ads, which are plastered in print publications, on transit shelters and on buses, used popular brands like Red Bull, Gatorade and Reese's Pieces to tell those who litter in a very straightforward manner what their behavior tells about them. Litterers are called "lazy", "dumb" and "low life", among others, with the tagline "Littering says a lot about you" hammering home the point.

As the campaign started to gain traction online, the involved brands raised concerns over how the ads would negatively affect the image of their product, and the City of Toronto soon after pulled the plug, vowing for other initiatives to follow.

Live Green Toronto campaign
Despite its short-lived shelf life, I think the campaign really had an impact. The concept is to-the-point and memorable, and the brands that spoke out only added more fuel to the fire.

Bravo, Toronto.

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