Monday, July 7, 2014

Let It Goat is the G.A.O.A.T.

let it goat new app
Mum's the word on the bird.

With half the world still awaiting the triumphant return of Flappy Bird, a new, insanely addictive sidescrolling game has entered the App Store arena and our hearts.

Unlike Dong Nguyen, the unknown Hanoi, Vietnam-based developer of Flappy Bird, the creators of Let It Goat are internet celebrities already. Jack Gilinksy and Jack Johnson, better known as Jack And Jack, have no less than 3.9 million followers on video-sharing service Vine.

The two freshly-graduated high schoolers created the game during their SkyVu Entertainment internship. 

Their iOS game combines the best of the internet: Flappy Bird's finger tapping gameplay, Disney's cultlike animated film Frozen, and, of course, goats. It's almost too simple.

Let It Goat combines Frozes & goats
Match made in heaven
Your objective is to get the highest possible score by leading Mounty The Goat through a challenging path full of spikes and zombies.

Sure, the music will make you want to rip your head off, but there's a certain appeal to brave Mounty dying and respawning that will keep you playing for hours on end. I'm not kidding. This game has taken over my existence.

Shelly Mordon summed it up pretty neatly in her iTunes review: "Let It Goat is love, Let It Goat is life."

#LetItGoat is the Greatest App Of All time. What say you?

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