Saturday, March 15, 2014

Why I hate riding the bus

why I hate riding the bus

I'm a veteran of public transportation. A survivor, if you will. In my many years as a schoolgoer, I rode buses every day. And I hated every single minute of it. The terrible people*. The unreliability of it all. The horror.

Fortunately, all that came to and end when I notched a second kill in the college department, and I never had to set another foot in Antwerp. Much like a caterpillar becomes a beautiful butterfly, I morphed from a student to a soulless commuter-wage slave in a small town. Never before was I happier. My car is my wonderland. Why, you ask? A) It's always conveniently there, B) I don't have to smell or hear other people, and C) The driver is a handsome beast of a man.

Moving on felt great, and the bus soon became a distant memory. 

However, idiot that I am, I recently took the bus to Antwerp to attend a birthday party. "What's the harm?" I thought. No hassle parking my car. Having a drink or two. Great idea, Matteo.

And then reality hit me in the ball sack with a bag of nickels.

First of all, the bus was terribly late coming and going, causing me to arrive late, and serving as a friendly reminder that De Lijn can not be relied upon. Ever. I understand that you can't control traffic, but THERE WAS NO TRAFFIC. It was Friday night. The starting station is less than a mile from my house. You would think it's impossibru to be late, but there you go.

Then, of course, the people. I might be a bit Dwight Shrute-y when it comes to being comfortable in public, but GOD DAMN, I literally checked for hidden cameras because I honestly thought I was being Punk'd. If it weren't so annoying, it would have almost been special how all the stereotypes came together that night. Crazy lady with Tourettes? Check. Statler & Waldorf**? Check. A fighting couple? Check. Douchebags with blaring headphones? Yell-talking girls? Perverts? Check, check, and check.

Never again!

*I never really had any beef with bus drivers. Sure, some of them are stomped emotionally from witnessing horrors every day, but I have just as well come across considerate ones that really make a point of going the extra mile.
**I usually don't like entitled old people, but these guys were actually a hoot and a half. 

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