Saturday, March 1, 2014

Tips for the AdWords Advanced exam

Phew. I'm glad that's over with.

Earlier this week I passed for the AdWords Advanced exam, so I am now officially a Certified Individual. Do you approve of me now, Dad?!

AdWords Advanced works very much like the AdWords Fundamentals exam, but there are some differences. Instead of 90 questions and and a passing mark of 85%, there are 99 questions which require a 80% mark to pass.

You still get 120 minutes, which should be more than sufficient.

Some tips and pointers:
  • Review your notes on Fundamentals. There is definitely some overlap between Fundamentals and Advanced, so make sure that you at least review the basics.
  • If you're not comfortable studying from a screen, be sure to print out the Search Advanced PDF. It is massive, though, so I decided against the paper waste.
  • Don't try to rush through the PDF in a day. It is hefty and you will quickly lose focus. I set apart four days, going through a little over 100 pages every day.
  • Really hammer down on AdWords Editor, AdWords API, ad extensions, and Conversion Optimizer. The exam focuses heavily on that gruesome foursome.
  • Relax your butt. Two hours is more than sufficient. Read the questions carefully and don't make any hasty decisions. Google will try to trick you and every answer you give is final, so there's no room for error.
Good luck. And don't hesitate to shoot me any questions you might have.

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