Thursday, March 20, 2014

The city that was hand-made

Mijn naam is Antwerpen
I put on for my city!
Antwerp-based video & interactive media company New Impact released Moving Antwerp, a great promo for the city of Antwerp, on Tuesday. 

I believe my former City Marketing professor Frank Cuypers is happy about this somewhere for two reasons:
  1. The USP is distinctive and actually built upon the DNA of the city. 
  2. The makers had a specific target audience in mind.
Moving Antwerp highlights the city's hands-on mentality and many possibilites, and is aimed toward getting conference organizers and organisations to consider Antwerp as a destination.

Naturally, the promo features the prestigious MAS, the historical Cathedral of our Lady, and the Port of Antwerp, but what stands out, more than anything, is the central focus on pushing boundaries through craftsmanship.

There is some chatter about how the promo is predominantly 'white', neglecting 42% of Antwerpians with immigrant roots, but I think the commotion is greatly exaggerated. 

Bart Van Camp, spokesman for N-VA alderman Koen Kennis, stated that Moving Antwerp is not about multiculturalism (or education, or healthcare, for that matter), citing the evident B2B purpose of the promo film. 

The aspect of diversity will be part of a broader marketing strategy later in the year.

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