Friday, February 14, 2014

N-VA takes political campaigning online

Political campaigning in Belgium is usually rather straightforward and conservative. Think polarizing slogans, traditional posters, appearances on current affairs shows and quizzes, and public showings-up for good measure. Some politicians (like technie Q and adulterer Leterme) are strong advocates for Twitter, but other than that, very few political figures or parties have so far embraced online media.

But I have a hunch that N-VA, the biggest party in the nation, has changed all that.

The Flemish nationalist party of Latinist rhetorician Bart De Wever has spent €300.000 (roughly $410,000) on Facebook ads and Display placements leading up to the federal election on May 25.

Nothing too extraordinary, really, if it weren't for three things:
  1. No other political party is doing anything similar, let alone on a similar scale. The exposure from this is massive for N-VA and I expect its impact to be tangible.
  2. This is not a campaign without meaning. The "25 Commitments" angle behind it is something that could resonate greatly with people. Basically, instead of throwing around empty slogans, N-VA uses real people and real stories to communicate its policy concerning 25 hot topics.
  3. This campaign reaches a wholly new demographic.
Well played, N-VA.

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