Sunday, February 2, 2014

Facebook gets into the newsreader game with new app Paper

new facebook app paper

As of tomorrow, iPhone users will be able to download Facebook's newsreader app Paper. The app, which has reportedly been in the works for years, will assemble content from 19 different sections, including Sports, Tech, and LOL. Each section features a rotating set of images, and individual cards and stories below each image.

App users can decide which sections they subscribe to, and will then receive content selected partly via an algorithm, and partly via human curation. Paper will not have any ads or sponsored stories on it, at least initially. If Paper proves succesful, there's no doubt in my mind that Facebook introduces ads to monetize the product.

From what I gathered, Paper is eerily similar to Flipboard in the same way that Facebook's Poke was similar to, but not quite as popular as, Snapchat. I believe expanding Zuckerberg's status-update driven network to a customized content website could actually work, and I like the idea of re-inventing the mobile Facebook experience, but so far I have not enjoyed Facebook's interference with what I can and can not see.

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