Wednesday, February 19, 2014

76ers sign internet sensation Kevin Grow

Philadelphia 76ers sign Kevin Grow

For many critics, the NBA is little more than a global money machine.

What often gets overlooked, though, is the NBA Cares program, and the many charitable initiatives and community outreach projects.

Money is of course part of the business, which was again made abundantly clear when new Commissioner Adam Silver announced ads on jerseys, but the NBA does indeed use its considerable platform to give back.

The latest beneficiary? Bensalem High senior Kevin Grow.

Earlier in February, Kevin, who has Down syndrome, won the internet, and also the final home outing of his team, 64-60, by scoring four 3-pointers. For the past four years, Kevin was a team manager for the Bensalem Owls, while also dedicatedly working on his shooting during the team's practices.

"He's a gift from God," coach John Mullin said, "He really is."

Kevin's performance didn't go unnoticed.

In fact, his marksmanship earned him an NBA gig with the Philadelelphia 76ers. The team signed Kevin to a two-day contract Monday. He immediately joined the team for practice and a team dinner.

Yesterday, against the Cleveland Cavaliers, he took part in pre-game warm-ups, participated in the high-five tunnel and stood with the team during the National Anthem. At halftime, Kevin and his varsity team took the floor for a special presentation.

What's not to like about all this?

Update: Forward Evan Turner took a little jab at Andrew Bynum.

Update 2: Kevin will receive the Junior Phenom Award from the Harlem Globetrotters at the #FansRule game in Philadelphia in March.

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