Saturday, November 2, 2013


Project Unbreakable by Grace Brown

A few months ago I stumbled upon Project Unbreakable, a wonderful online healing project established in 2011 by then photography student Grace Brown. When a friend told Grace her story of sexual assault, she realized how many voiceless abuse victims must be out there, and determinedly she started brooding over an idea to spread sexual assault awareness. Brown sought out sexual assualt survivors and photographed them holding a poster with a quote from their attacker. Survivors could also submit their own photos.

Her inbox quickly overflooded with submissions and as of 2013 the project has showcased over 2,000 testimonials. Grace Brown also speaks at schools to raise awareness. She has also started a fundraising page and is working to turn her project into an organization.

If you haven't seen the photos, I recommend you take a look. But I must warn you: prepare to be shocked and disgusted. I applaud the courage of the victims. They are taking down taboos and regaining their voice. They are truly unbreakable.

UN Women campaign further sparks sexism debate

Earlier this month, UN Women and Ogilvy & Mather Dubai created Auto-Complete Truth -- a powerful ad campaign to expose the worldwide problem of gender inequality. The ads show genuine suggested search terms, demonstrating the disgusting opinions of Google users around the world. The text of the Google searches is placed over the mouths of women, as if to silence their voices. You can check out the ads here.

The ads quickly exploded across social media and that's why the campaign will be expanded.

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