Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I love book

boekenbeurs 2013 in Antwerp Expo

Yesterday me and my girlfriend Sarah took my almost-16-year-old sister Margot to the 77th annual Book Fair for her birthday. Because it was the final day of the 12-day event and people got the day off for Armistice Day, the Antwerp Expo was absolutely swamped. So much so that I had a genuine Dwight Schrute moment at one point. But I endured, because, as you should know by now, I love book.

We had a great time going through the four exhibition halls, scouring for books, and spotting celebrities. Because let's face it, where else do you get the chance to see a Playboy cover model, a wild-haired butter enthusiast, and a raspy-voiced casanova in the same venue? That's right: only in my disgusting, perverted fantasies and at the glitzy and glammy Book Fair.

The highlight of the day was meeting Humo creative and godly moustache wearer Jeroom. The hair, the cartoons, the very loose working hours: the man has it all figured out. There was a very strong sexual tension as I handed him a print of my own cartoon, after which he signed my poster ("A beautiful poster for a beautiful human being. On the inside."), and posed with me for a picture. Best. Day. Ever.

Humo creative Jeroom op de Boekenbeursa beautiful poster for a beautiful person

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