Friday, November 29, 2013

Catching Fire

Yesterday I finally watched Catching Fire. As a J-Law fanboy - isn't she just perfect? - and huge fan of the books and first movie, I had intended to watch it earlier, but I had won 4 tickets for Thursday via a contest I forgot I had even participated in, so jot that down. Of course I took my beautiful girlfriend Cuteness Everdeen Sarah, my filmmaking sister Margot, and my cartoonist brother Marlon. I was ape-shit excited! The book had blown my mind, the trailer looked awesome, all the abribuses appeared to speak to me personally, Rue's whistle made hourly appearances on the radio at work, and all the crazy positive tweets on my timeline didn't excactly make my life easier.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Every Rose has its torn

Derrick Rose torn meniscus november 2013

Former MVP guard Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls just can't catch a break. The 25-year-old Rose, who had missed nearly 18 months with a torn ACL in his right knee, tore his right meniscus versus the Portland Trailblazers just 10 games into his #return. He could be out anywhere from 8 weeks to 4 months.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Random NBA observations

2013-2014 NBA observations

Batkid saves San Francisco

Cancer patient becomes Batkid via Make-A-Wish

Five-year old Batman fan Miles Scott took over San Francisco, and the the twittersphere also, on Friday by fighting crime as his alter ego BatKid. The young boy, who was diagnosed with leukemia at 18 months old, was cheered on by thousands as the Make-A-Wish Foundation elaborately partnered with the city of San Francisco to make his wish come true.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Bear & The Hare

The holiday season is fast approaching, which means we will be bombarded with Christmas adverts over the next few weeks. British department store chain John Lewis, which has a history of crafting memorable holiday ads, has once again set the bar high with their highly-anticipated The Bear & The Hare ad. My copywriting lecturer at Syntra showed the emotional advertisment in class on Tuesday. The classroom became eerily quiet.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I love book

boekenbeurs 2013 in Antwerp Expo

Yesterday me and my girlfriend Sarah took my almost-16-year-old sister Margot to the 77th annual Book Fair for her birthday. Because it was the final day of the 12-day event and people got the day off for Armistice Day, the Antwerp Expo was absolutely swamped. So much so that I had a genuine Dwight Schrute moment at one point. But I endured, because, as you should know by now, I love book.

Monday, November 11, 2013

The Hangover 3

The Hangover 3 by Todd Philips

This weekend I watched The Hangover 3. It had been on my radar since I saw the epic trailer in March, but the negative reviews I had read and heard had discouraged me from actually checking it out. The Todd Philips comedy, released in May 2013, for those who may have missed it, is the third and last installment of The Hangover franchise. Unlike The Hangover 2, which was basically a steroid-enhanced remake of the first movie, the Hangover formula underwent some tinkering for the trilogy's crazy finale.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Swat it!

The latest campaign by opposition party Vlaams Belang is cringeworthy

Right wing opposition party Vlaams Belang never shies away from a little  controversy. In the past, they have not hesitated to turn to WordArt and cheap tactics to create hard-hitting campaigns. Remember the We've Been Milked Enough campaign to criticize the money transfers to Wallonia? Or the Freedom Or Islam campaign against islamization which they recently revisisted? Vlaams Belang does it so often that I almost don't notice their billboards anymore, but the party has outdone itself with its latest national autumn campaign.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Celtics grab first victory of the post-Big 3 era

Kelly Olynyk, Brandon Bass and Phil Pressey shine as Celtics notch first win of the season

The Celtics were 0-4 and the sky was falling: Gerald Wallace accused his team mates of being selfish, Coach Brad Stevens yanked Jeff Green versus the Pistons, and it was just so damn frustrating to watch them fall behind early, collapse in the fourth quarter, or simply be out-classed. Add Avery Bradley's complete and utter inadequacy at point guard, and you quickly understand why the Celtics sorely needed something to feel good about.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Eminem returns to glorious old selves on MMLP2

Marshall Mathers LP 2 by Eminem is perhaps the best hip hop album of 2013

Although I must admit that Jay-Z, Canibus and Papoose gave him a serious run for his money, peroxide blonde maniac Eminem has always been my favorite lyricist. There are no two MCs quite like him: his controversial rise to fame, his complex multi-syllable rhyme schemes, and his nonconformist attitude remain unequalled even after all these years. And though I may be biased -- I played The Eminem Show to pieces during the roughest patches of my parents' divorce -- one can't deny that, with more than 100 million albums sold worlwide, Eminem is a rap icon.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Celebrating the birth of Satan

Every year me and my friends celebrate Halloween in an abandoned cabin in the woods

Every year for the past four years me and my friends totally disregard every cabin movie ever made to celebrate the birth of Satan in a creepy cabin in the backwoods of Halle. In case you were wondering: Yes, of course we appropriately christened the event HalleWeen. Every year I ask myself why it is, exactly, that we wilfully seek out the unholy trinity of complete remoteness, a near 360 degree view of the woods and no indoor plumming, but every year we end up having a spooktacular time. We watch a bunch of scary movies, make Oscar-worthy videos like this one, and basically live like filthy pigs for two days. I ate pumpkin quiche and salt & pepper chips for breakfast, so jot that down.

Saturday, November 2, 2013


Project Unbreakable by Grace Brown

A few months ago I stumbled upon Project Unbreakable, a wonderful online healing project established in 2011 by then photography student Grace Brown. When a friend told Grace her story of sexual assault, she realized how many voiceless abuse victims must be out there, and determinedly she started brooding over an idea to spread sexual assault awareness. Brown sought out sexual assualt survivors and photographed them holding a poster with a quote from their attacker. Survivors could also submit their own photos.