Thursday, August 22, 2013

"Always in motion is the future"

The Conversation Manager by Steven Van Belleghem

My brother Marlon recently recommended The Conversation Manager by social media savant slash marketing professor slash B-Conversational chief Steven Van Belleghem. He spent 11 years at InSites Consulting and I have had the pleasure of receiving a guest lecture by him during my Social Media course at Plantijn Hogeschool (now AP Hogeschool).

In a world where product quality has become a minimum requirement, providing excellent service is now the way to differentiate. With a plethora of social media and online tools at our disposal, one-on-one engagement, the pennacle of service, has become a real possibility. It is easier than ever for brands and consumers to engage with each other, and for brands there is the added benefit of gathering valuable insights by monitoring conversations.

The Conversation Manager concept is relatively new and it might not be exact science, but social media-equipped consumers now expect two-way conversations with brands, and of course these conversations need to be managed properly. The Conversation Manager demonstrates clearly how to approach this, and with all the interesting cases littered throughout, this book is a must read.

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