Wednesday, July 10, 2013

"The tiniest decision can change everything"

Winter Town by Stephen Emond

Winter Town by comic book afficionado Stephen Emond is the second book I ordered with the help of Emma's wonderful John Green-inspired list on Her Nose In A Book. It felt weird reading a winter themed book with the recent hellish temperatures and all, but I could not put it aside, because it is simply a fun read.

Evan Owens is an intelligent 17-year old boy with a planned future. He only sees his neighbor and best friend Lucy, who moved to another state with her mother after her parents' divorce, when she visits her father during the Christmas holidays. This year, Evan doesn't recognize the morphed Lucy, who is now sporting a nose ring and a pessimistic demeanor, but he is determined to get his best friend back.

I really enjoyed Winter Town. Emond, who was an avid drawer in his younger days, weaved a lot of cool illustrations into the book, and by doing this, he adds another layer to the story. The plot is not earth-shattering, but still sweet and charming, and you will quickly find yourself rooting for Evan and Lucy.

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