Friday, July 19, 2013


Send pizza rm 4112

Meet Hazel Hammersley. 

The two-year old girl suffers from stage III neuroblastoma and is undergoing treatment in Children's Hospital Los Angeles. To pass time, Hazel and her family do fun and silly things, including, as you my have heard, writing pizza requests on her hospital room window with medical tape.

The request went largely unnoticed until one attentive passer-by submitted it to news and entertainment platform Reddit. Shortly thereafter, Reddit users started sending pizzas to Hazel's room, so much so that Hazel and several other children had themselves a wonderful Pizza Party.

The hospital has since issued a statement on its website, thanking Reddit users for their pizza delivery, and also asking them to stop sending pizzas. "You've made a little girl very happy but no more pizza is needed."

People are still very much welcome to donate to Hazel's fund.

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