Thursday, July 11, 2013

Knock on oak

Andreas Klier invents MyKnoaky

During my summer job at choco, core partner/strategy guru/copywriter Kris Dieltiens mentioned MyKnoaky. He asked me to order a few, and so I ended up on the MyKnoaky website, where I found out that this small piece of oakwood has a wonderful story behind it.

During a 2011 road training, then-cyclist Andreas Klier almost had a horrible accident, but luckily, and possibly with a little luck from knocking on his frame, nothing happened. Klier decided to keep a piece of wood with him at all time, so that he could knock on it, whenever he felt the need to do so. 

The MyKnoaky was born.

Andreas Klier then teamed up with Plant-for-the-Planet, which is a wonderful student initiative that strives to plant 1000 billion trees for the world. For every MyKnoaky that is sold, one tree is donated.

Andreas Klier illustrates with Myknoaky that stories go great lengths. Is MyKnoaky effective? Probably not. But it stands for something and has great meaning, and people will always appreciate stories.

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