Friday, June 28, 2013

Thanks for the memories

Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett traded to Brooklyn Nets

Shocked. Disgusted. Excited.

I can't decide which emotion applies more to the trade that sent Hall of Famers Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett to Brooklyn last night.

The Celtics were in dire need of a makeover, and all Celtics fans expected something to happen sooner or later, but I am shocked that it happened so sudden. Sure, there were rumblings, but there are always rumblings leading up to the NBA Draft.

Captain Paul Pierce is one of the all-time Celtic greats and Garnett is the living embodiment of the 2008 Championship title. They will both for ever be linked to Boston. I am disgusted that they were discarded so dryly via trade.

But I am excited, too. Danny Ainge has finally pulled the trigger and the rebuild is now in full effect. Boston went from stuck in neutral to shifting gears. I don't know where we are going, but at least something is happening.

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