Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Grant Hill & Jason Kidd hang up their sneakers

Grand Hill and Jason Kidd retire from the NBA

An NBA era is coming to an end. Allen Iverson has not played since 2010. Shaquille O'Neal and Yao Ming retired after the 2010-2011 season. Now add Jason Kidd and Grant Hill to the list.

The number of era-defining NBA stars is rapidly diminishing. 

Kobe Bryant can still fill the stat sheet. Tim Duncan is in the NBA Finals again. Kevin Garnett is still a trash-talking force. Steve Nash, Dirk Nowitzi and Paul Pierce also deserve a nod, and to some extent Tracy McGrady and Vince Carter too, but after that, it's basically a young man's game. 

It's a natural process, obviously, but I feel sad that my favorite generation is slowly but surely calling it quits.

Best of luck to Jason Kidd and Grant Hill with their retirement.

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