Sunday, June 2, 2013

Boston Celtics offseason wishlist: Rebuild edition

DeAndre Jordan and Al Jefferson to the Boston Celtics?

As I wrote in my previous offseason post, chances are that Danny Ainge keeps the core together for another charge to the mountaintop. With two Hall Of Famers, Rondo, The Jet, Jeff Green, Super Bass, our bulldogs and the possible addition of some skilled role players, who could blame Danny for giving it another go?

If the front office ultimately decides that enough is enough, though, they could finally pursue trades for Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. I cooked up two moves that could possibly propel the Celtics back into contention.

Paul Pierce, Brandon Bass and the 16th pick for Al Jefferson, Derrick Favors and DeMarre Carroll

I have to admit, trading away the The Truth would be weird. He ranks first in three-pointers made and steals, second in points scored, fifth in total assists and seventh in rebounds, and he is in exclusive company on this prestigious little list.

But how fitting would it be to finish the Kevin Garnett era by bringing back the centerpiece of the trade that brought him to Boston in the first place? Al Jefferson is now a mature big man entering his prime, and unlike diva Dwight Howard, he wouldn't mind playing in Boston.

Brandon Bass is an absolute workhorse and a true Celtics blue chipper. His obvious limitations and the emergence of Jared Sullinger have made him an expendable piece, though, and former No. 3 pick Derrick Favors is a stud who seeks a bigger role.

Kevin Garnett and Courtney Lee for DeAndre Jordan, Caron Butler and Chauncey Billups

The Celtics and Clippers were reportedly flirting at the trade deadline, and even though nothing came from it, there has to be some mutual interest there. Garnett could mentor Blake Griffin and add some toughness to the promising but not-quite-there Clippers, who apparently have an unhappy Chris Paul to please. Courtney Lee is a young shooting guard with a favorable contract who might enjoy new surroundings after a tumultuous year in Boston.

The main incoming piece is strong and athletic center DeAndre Jordan. Take a moment to imagine Jordan catching alley oops from Rondo on fast breaks. Nice, isn't it?

After some high-scoring seasons with the Washington Wizards, Caron Butler has become a complementary scorer in Dallas and LA. He could be a nice combo with Jeff Green at the small forward position. Billups is a great leader and shooter, and Bradley and Terry would benefit greatly from his point guard skills.


For the first time 2006-2007 (coincidentally, Al Jefferson's last year in Boston), none of our starters would be older than 30. Rondo (27), Bradley (22), Green (26), Jefferson (28), Jordan (24), with a bench of Billups, Terry, Butler, Sullinger and Favors, will perhaps not make the Celtics instant championship contenders, but at least the team would finally be moving forward.

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