Thursday, May 9, 2013

Jan Van den Bergh & The One Question

I am a recommender by Jan Van den Bergh

Last October, Sportcareers founder Jelle Verdoodt recommended Ik Ben Een Aanrader (translated: I Am A Recommender) during his lecture at the Marketing Experience Days. The book was written by Holaba founder and social media enthusiast Jan Van den Bergh and deals with those few consumers (estimated at 15 percent of total users) who actively recommend your brand - both online and offline.

Instead of building a consumer army through expensive advertising, Mr. Van den Bergh pleads that having an army of guerilla recommenders is more beneficial for your brand. The book is peppered with insightful cases about YelpKurkdroog and Mobile Vikings that show how recommenders have adopted online platforms to do their work. Mr Van den Bergh then discusses at length how difficult it is to measure just how influential online recommenders really are.

Ik Ben Een Aanrader is perhaps too lengthy and a bit nagging toward the end, but the recommender philosophy is definitely worth checking out.

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