Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Savages by Oliver Stone

Since reading the review for "Savages" (directed by Oliver Stone) in Humo last year, it was near the top of my Movies Bucket List, but it wasn't until yesterday that I finally watched it. 

When two polar opposite friends slash California drug entrepreneurs (portrayed by relative unkowns Taylor Kitsch and Aaron Taylor-Johnson) refuse the business proposal of a Mexican drug lord (Salma Hayek), she kidnaps their soulmate O (played by Gossip Girl starlet Blake Lively). The kidnapping then sets in motion a chain of bloody and sadistic events, spearheaded by Benicio Del Toro's cold-blooded character Lado.

Golden Globe winner John Travolta is also very impressive as a crooked DEA cop.

Even though there was little to no depth to the movie, Savages was highly entertaining and kinetic for the whole duration of 131 minutes.

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