Monday, April 29, 2013

One big step for gay empancipation in sports

Jason Collins opens up to Sports Illustrated about his homesexuality

NBA center Jason Collins (who played for the Boston Celtics and the Washington Wizards this season) came out as gay in an interview with Sports Illustrated. He is the first active athlete from any of the four major American sports leagues to reveal his homosexuality.

In the interview Collins state that events like the end of Don't Ask, Don't Tell  and the Supreme Court's intense same-sex marriage debate, as well as the Boston Marathon bombings urged him to raise his hand. "There is no way to predict what happens in the future, and there is no sense in waiting," he says.

Many public figures took to Twitter to support Collins' courage:

Chelsea Clinton shows support to Jason Collins on Twitter

Kobe Bryant shows support to Jason Collins on Twitter

Joe Kennedy shows support to Jason Collins on Twitter

Update: Collins, who had been a free agent since July, has finally latched on with a team. He signed a 10-day contract to join the Brooklyn Nets on February 24. He had worked out with the team during the All-Star break, but the Nets had decided to first monitor the Glen Davis situation. Collins played 11 minutes against the Los Angeles Lakers last night, historically becoming the first openly gay player in the NBA.

Update 2: It has been 18 months since Collins came out in Sports Illustrated. The 35-year-old has decided to retire after 13 years in the NBA.

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