Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hang in there, Boston

Tragic events can separate people or bring them together. The whole world is praying for the victims of the Boston Marathon blasts. The Chicago Tribune lead sports page even remarked upon the tragedy:
We are like you. We know that sports are often the ties that hold us together, that give us a way to talk about the things we care about when others words fail. We know sports can be fun - even in losing. Boys, do we know. We know that anybody who says it doesn't matter whether the Cubs or Sox are in the World Series so long as it's a Chicago team isn't truly a fan of either team. We know. But on Monday, we were reminded again how fragile it all can be. The explosions and injuries and death at a world-class sporting event such as the Boston Marathon makes us heartsick. As much as it is anathema for a Chicago fan to root for any other town - especially Beantown and all of its championship rings - here we are. Hang in there, Boston.

Boston Marathon blasts brings Chicago and Boston together

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