Thursday, April 18, 2013

Boston Celtics by the numbers

Kevin Garnett and the Boston Celtics are underdogs now. Even though the numbers favor them.


That's the regular season record of the Boston Celtics since they acquired Hall of Fame power forward Kevin Garnett in the summer of 2007.


That's the team's playoff series record over the last five seasons. No Garnett for the Orlando series in 2009. No Kendrick Perkins in Game 7 of the Los Angeles series in 2010. No Jeff Green, Chris Wilcox and Avery Bradley in last year's Miami series. No excuses, though.


That's the jersey number of the All-Star triple-double machine the Celtics will have to make do without in the postseason. Rajon Rondo tore his ACL in January and was lost for the remainder of the year.


That's the number of new faces on Boston's roster since February. Jordan Crawford, Terrence Williams, Shavlik Randolph and DJ White were brought aboard to replace Leandro Barbosa (ACL), Jared Sullinger (back) and Darko Milicic (personal matters).


That's how many points Carmelo Anthony averaged this season. We will see plenty of the league's leading scorer as we face the No. 2 seeded New York Knicks in the First Round.


That's how much chance the NBA World gives us to capture an 18th title this year.

Yet, even though I admit this season was far from pretty: here we are again.

Perhaps the Celtics finished just one game above .500, but in the Playoffs all teams start 0-0.

The Celtics are underdogs now, but Kevin Garnett still has a mean bark, and Avery Bradley is a pitbull, and there is no trick that Paul Pierce hasn't heard of.

Old dogs still bite, and the Celtics will not roll over for anyone.

Anything is possible.

2012-2013 NBA Playoff Bracket. The Boston Celtics are ready.

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